Open-Access Policy

Annals of International Medical and Dental Research (AIMDR) is a double-blind peer reviewed open access journal. We do not have any subscription fees and people can access, read, download, reuse and share our published scientific literature / research articles at free of cost.

APC or article processing charges are payable by author or research finders are used to cover the costs associated with publication process. All our articles are immediately and permanently free to access by everyone.

It is a gold open-access journal and the publication fees are stated below:

Article Type

Price, excluding taxes (APC)

Original articles / Case Series

INR 5000 / 120 USD    

Review articles

INR 5000 / 120 USD    

Short communications / Case Report

INR 5000 / 120 USD    

There is no publication charged for perspectives, correspondences, and letters to the editor.

Pricing policy of Annals of International Medical and Dental Research (AIMDR):

Once the manuscript is accepted, the corresponding author will be instructed to pay the APC or article processing fee by the Editorial Office and the instruction of payment to the journal will be given in the acceptance mail. The accepted article will be processed to the next stage of publication after receiving the payment.

Author(s) based in the eligible for the article processing waivers will be notified by the editorial office. Here, you can find the necessary information of APC waiver and discount policy:

Publishing in an open-access journal can help everyone to read and use the scientific literatures. Funding institutions and organizations always look for an ideal platform where researchers can publish their articles in an open-access form. AIMDR is a gold open access journal which is free to read, use and share.

Welcome, European Research Council, and the National Institutes of Health and other funding bodies and institutions have structured their funding agreements to ensure that author(s) can publish their researches in an open-access journal. AIMDR is fully compliance with these with open access policies and specific funding requirements.

Institution or research funders can pay the article processing charge on your behalf or you can apply for a discount on your APC.


Our aim is to build a digital research platform where author(s) can publish their research work in an open-access model, which is accessible for authors and contributors of developing countries.

Where wavers of APC is genuinely required, we will automatically send intimation about the wavers of APC or discounts to those article before we publish. Authors based on the in a country listed in the Research4Life program can avail APC wavers and discount on their APC. You can check the eligibility here

If you live in a country which is not listed in the above list of the Research4Life program and you cannot afford to pay the APC to publish your scientific research then you can demonstrate your work with a declaration stated that you do not have any research finding and want to avail our APC waivers or discounts, we will surely consider your waiver request.

Eligible authors based on the countries listed in the Research4Life can avail APC waiver or 50% discount on their APC. The waiver and discounts on APC will depend on the location of your institution. You can check the following in this regard.

  • 100% APC waiver: The corresponding author and co-authors must be all from a Group A country institution
  • 50% APC discount: The corresponding author and co-authors must be all from a Group B country institution
  • 50% APC discount: A mix of authors from Group A and B countries
  • No Research4Life waiver or discount: A mix of authors from non-Research4Life countries and Group A or/and B countries

For example:

100% APC waiver example:Corresponding author from Cambodia institution and all co-authors from Bhutan, Nepal and Benin institutions (All authors based on Group-A countries)

50% APC discount example:Corresponding author from Azerbaijan institution and all co-authors from Algeria, Botswana and Vietnam institutions (All authors based on Group-B countries)

50% APC discount example: Corresponding author from Afghanistan institution and all co-authors from Albania, Congo, Nepal and Botswana institutions (Corresponding author from Group-A countries and others are from Group-B countries)

How do you request a Research4Life APC waiver or discount?

Authors eligible for the APC wavers and discounts as per the above instructions do not need to place their request for APC waivers and discounts. All authors meet the APC waivers and discounts criteria will be informed from our Editorial Office after acceptance of their article. If you need any clarification or if you do not able to pay the APC then you can send a request via mail to our Editorial Office.