Peer Review Policy

In any type of scholarly publishing, reviewers and their reviews play a very important role. The peer review system helps to analyze and evaluate a scholarly work in the most transparent manner, and it also enhances better networking possibilities among independent researchers, students and the whole academic fraternity. Although peer review process has been criticized under some circumstances, the fact remains that it is one of the most reliable methods of judging the worth of any research. AIMDR relies on the double-blind review process for evaluating the work of the contributors.

Definition of peer review: AIMDR follows a strict double-blind peer review process to evaluate the best forms of research in the field of medical and dental specialties. Research papers, case studies, and mini-reviews go through a process of double-blind peer review to ensure quality and anonymity. AIMDR believe sthat without proper peer review policies, the journal cannot maintain its ethics and integrity, hence for providing the best resources to budding and experienced researchers, peer review is must.

AIMDR follow double-blind peer review process: (About our peer review policy) 

In case of double-blind peer review, AIMDR follows the given guidelines:

  • The author anonymity is strictly maintained, thereby discouraging any case of reviewer bias. This includes any type of bias like related to gender, community, country of origin, academic status, or whether the author’s earlier publication history in any way has affected the reviewer.
  • AIMDR maintains extreme transparency in the peer-review process. Even if very renowned doctors, medical practitioners, dental surgeons, and famous authors submit their papers to us, we maintain the values, ethics, and integrity by ensuring the impartial double-blind peer review process.
  • The reviewers or referees give their opinions/ suggestions regarding the papers, and the authors are expected to revise the papers accordingly.
  • All manuscripts are reviewed as rapidly as possible, and an editorial decision is generally reached within 3-4 weeks of submission. Decisions on manuscripts will be taken as rapidly as possible. Authors should expect to have reviewer’s comments within approximately 4-6 weeks.

Annals of International Medical and Dental Research (AIMDR) publishes 6 (six) issues in a year, and the values and integrity of the papers are maintained outright through a double-blind peer review process. In order to maintain the ethical policy of this medical journal, the editorial and the peer-review decisions are conveyed to the contributors.